See Your Life

Alright alright alriiiiiight,,,you gon’ learn today.

If you don’t know that reference,,, #SeeYourLife. :) )

p.s. I start from 9 because that’s as far back as I can properly remember)

When I was 9 years old, I remember asking my mother for a pair of heels,,,I’d seen Beyoncé rocking them in music videos, I’d watched my mum elegantly leave for work in them every morning. Watched her with her lipstick stash and all I could think about was,,,I want that.

At 13 years old, I thought, I wish I was 18 because there’s more than enough rules and things I don’t get to do.

At 18, I remember thinking to myself “How I wish I was 8 years old again, playing in the sun all day, with the boys might I add because my brothers were my heroes. I wished I’d lived in the moment for the past 18 years because now I’m beyond the age where people say “She’s still young”.


Now all I can think of is “exactly what am I going to do after I’m done with my four years at Varsity?”
Because I come from a conventional African family where if I say that I want to become a poet or an artist, I’ll be forced to rethink my own sanity,,,to think about white-collar 9-5 jobs. Sitting in the office is sad on your butt. :(

But then I realized something, I’ve spent a couple of years on this earth and all I mainly do  is regret stuff and wish I was in a different setting.

Tough luck because I can’t change my past.

The past is the stepping stone for a greater future.


However, my future is another deal altogether.

From this point on, I want to look back at my life 50 years down the line and think “Woah!!! I lived and loved and I’m satisfied. I would change nothing about it.”

Starts with today,,,i’ll do what I can with these 24 hours and see how satisfied I am at the end. :) Live in the present,,,because it’s gifted not guaranteed.


In my sixties, I want to fall in love again with the people who are still around me, having cocktails at the country club. (hahahaha!!! Too many random movies)

In my fifties,(The Golden Years) I’ll be doing yoga and possibly heading back to school. You know pHD things and Doctor Of Science stuff.

In my forties, stay up all night chatting with the friends that I’ll still have.

In my thirties, learn something new and amazing. It can be mentally renewed for all I care.

In my twenties, live more, regret less. Not too much of a free spirit but a free spirit nonetheless.

I hope my life is full of wisdom and joyous youthfulness.
That I shall not be held back because of a mere number.



Let’s not live too fast…when you feel like life is coming in extremely large doses, step back, take a deep breath and smile. :)

p.s In-case the news passed you guys, I got a soul-mate,,,his name is Orange Juice,,,freshly squeezed or fresh packed juice(DelMontes and PickAndPeels). :)


p.p.s Remember that amazing salon cc. HairmonySalon I constantly rant rave about?

Well,,,they have an amazing offer this week (13th April to 20th April).

check their page out for contact details and things(^the link two sentences back^)….no disappointments there.


Yours blogerly (look at that sign off…I woke up like this),


*Mapenzi.Love* :)



Thoughts and musings of a daughter



So, the other day I was seated in a room(Ok, my bedroom) and I started thinking. I’d been annoyed for a second because my mother forgot to do what i’d asked of her earlier in the day,,, so I decided that a childish tantrum would give her a hint about my annoyance.

After a couple of minutes of brooding my mind went to those kids that grow up sans parents or whose parents are basically never around for long enough to bond with them  and I realised that I have it so damn good.


I can ask my dad or mom to give me an obscene amount of money for a “party” and lo and behold, they’ll provide it but not before many rules and regulations and ultimatums:

-you have to call us when you get there,

-tell us who it is exactly that you will be with the entire night,

-These friends, do we know them?

-so and so isn’t coming this time? Why?

-Should I tell your brother to drop and pick you up?

-If you’re going by taxi/cab, lemme call for you the guy we normally use.

-Make sure you keep aside some emergency money, I don’t want you stranded out in the night.

-Where is it exactly you’re going? Skyluxx/Any Other Mentioned Location. Really? Is it a club?  Not Really It’s a lounge of sorts. So it’s a club? YES. Ok, I don’t want you to go there but since you’re a big enough group of friends….but next time, just know that you don’t always have to go for these things.

and the questions go on and on and on and on.


I have the option to tell them I love them every morning and when evening comes, they’ll ask me about my day regardless of whether they know i was actually just sitting around the house watching series after series.


I garner the appreciation from them even when the stuff I do is nowhere near perfect.

Case example: I once baked cake with very little sugar and sans baking powder….Nope,,it wasn’t a brownie,,,it was almost pancake flat and tasted nothing like any cake should,,,and they ate it till it was finished(the entire family did actually)

(and now i feel like eating chocolate chip cookies,,,sigh. )


They understand me even when I seem not to understand myself. My mom knows when I need some space even before I become a PMS poster-child.


They’ll always be around when noone else is.


I hate it when they’re sick and there’s nothing I can do about it. When we were kids, they took care of us and we always knew that they’d come to the rescue if we’re hurt or sick or just not feeling it. But now, it’s a feeling of selflessness that overcomes anyone, when they see their parents struggling yet, they’ve done all that they could to help but nothing seems to make the situation better.

Can I be your supergirl? please?



I don’t think this will get anyone to go tell their parent(s) how much they love them but I got my point across. It’s the little things that count.


Make them a cup of tea, buy them gifts, be good to them.

Tomorrow’s never promised, ayy?

Treat Your Parents with love and care, you’ll only realize their value when you see their empty chair.




love, peace…there’s never not a need for peace, chicken cheese burgers(idk why i just don’t like beef.), O.J., #PositiveVibes



*Mapenzi.Love* :)


Emancipation of the Mind

Try hard as we may,

No-one listens to the things we have to say,

Nothing seems to go our way

But then again, that’s more than okay.


It simply allows us to realize,

The meaning hidden deep beneath the eyes.

One need not be overly wise,

To surmise,

To deduce exactly what it is that we despise,

Call out the real lies,

That would have otherwise led to the untimely demise…


Of our creativity.

You see,

Our reliance on other people’s opinions,

Has led to their constant dominions,

Over a multitude of decisions,

We make.

A day or a century it may take,

But eventually we will find break-

-through and our minds will be our own,

In our names these thoughts will be sewn,

No-one shall take away the throne,

All through space and time it shall be known.


That we are the generation that’s discovered,

How to break away from self-loathing,

How to shame the doom- and hear-sayers,

How to step back from mind control du monde

Sorry “Of the World” for those of us that find English more fond.


No more seeking approval from others,

Approval that in the end never really matters,

Break the chain from our fore-fathers,

Start a trend different from another’s.

A new generation of free-thinkers.



verb: emancipate; 3rd person present: emancipates; past tense: emancipated; past participle: emancipated; gerund or present participle: emancipating

  • set free, esp. from legal, social, or political restrictions.

“the citizen must be emancipated from the obsessive secrecy of government”synonyms: liberated, independent, unconstrained, uninhibited;

  • free from slavery.

“it is estimated that he emancipated 8,000 slaves”synonyms: free, liberate, set free, release, deliver, discharge; More
unchain, unfetter, unshackle, untie, unyoke;
antonyms: enslave




Cheers lovers, thinkers, pursuers,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


p.s. 50 posts guys,,,that’s a whole lot of content. :) #TheAfricanGirlAt50….no? :D :D

Take care lovelies.

The garden of eye-openers


Today I discovered a garden.

Where birds sang in the trees,

I sat on a cold stone enjoying the breeze,

My soul at ease.

And in the midst of the buzzing bees,

I realized that my heart is his.

However, through this peace and tranquility in my secret garden,

Did I finally offload this heavy burden?

That for days had caused my heart to sadden?

My feelings to harden?

My emotions to madden?

I couldn’t understand how or why

One person could so occupy my brain space

At the mention of just his name, happiness I would find.

At the sound of his deep-set baritone, my heartbeat would rescind.

And upon revival, it would sync

One syllable for every beat

One breath and my cheeks would heat..

-up in a blush so rare,

Leaving me so bare

For those in the world who would dare…


At my face revealing any and all emotion,

For one person.


I discovered all this in my secret garden.

Green grass and leaves

Happiness the only emotion my soul perceives,

The ultimate end, it achieves.

Momentarily, I’m at peace.

My mind and body in one piece.

In this amazing garden,

Where the sun shines in,

Day in day out, casting out any sin,

I discovered that I’m in love,

Not with a man,

But with his mind;

The one thing I cannot have.

adjective: unattainable
not able to be reached or achieved.
“an unattainable goal”

synonyms: unreachable, unachievable, unobtainable, impossible, unwinnable; More
unrealistic, implausible
“an apparently unattainable target”
antonyms: attainable


poetry? spoken(written) word?

Cheers lovely people,

It’s always a pleasure keeping you posted (ALL pun intended). :)


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Nothing but goodness


The other day I was walking along the streets and someone walked up to me begging for money.

Now, I live in a city where this is a bit of a norm.

I live in a city where the news says that these people are not genuine.

That even though there’s some out there that really need your help,

There’s a band of heartless idiots that have made it into a money-making scheme;

Where they hire small destitute children.

And place these young minds strategically around the town, to beg for money.

Which they come to collect at the end of the day.


Now if you live in a city where you have to think twice about helping someone that asks for help,

Where exactly are you going?

Why exactly are you still there?

Is it the constant need to live a life that we’ve dreamed of all through childhood?

Is it the brand that has been sold, that city life is of much better value than village life?

What is it that keeps us in this damned city?

Where you’re robbed in broad daylight with someone holding a knife to your back.

Where you’re shot in broad daylight because you had nothing of value to the thieves…

6 times,,,6 damn bullets in your body and you’re still alive.

Isn’t that incentive to move now before something worse happens?

I hate this city, but my friends are in this city.

My entire life, i’ve been brought up in this city,

I still live for this city because it’s my home.

Just like my first love, i’ll never forget the good side of this city.

It’s an interesting paradox…

Like a bad feeling that you have to detox.

Get rid of the bad and grow into something good.



I was buying coffee the other day,

And the lady making my caramel latte was insanely friendly,

Wished me a good day, put in an extra shot of caramel on the house,

Kept me entertained as I awaited my drink.

I love how in this same city where everyone seems to be annoyed,

There’s a couple of kind souls that would forget their problems for the moment and smile at a stranger.

I love how in this same city,

The sun is always shining to remind you that there’s always a brighter side to everything.


I love how this city is my city.

My city, my town.

My home.


“R.I.P to the fallen soldiers that gave life to everything they did.

I hope that your memories live on in the hearts of those whose lives you touched.

Heaven couldn’t wait for you.

Another guardian angel.”


Cheers. big dreams, smiles and #PositiveVibes


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

It’s Valentine’s…soon

…who cares? No really, who cares?
I think it’s a holiday invented by a random card making business to boost their sales after some moron messed up a whole bunch of cards in the factory. (ok, not really but what the hey?)

Well,,,I’m over this lovey-dovey stuff,,, if there’s so much love being shared…why is it only recognized on a specific day?

  • Because a bloody calendar told you to celebrate? 
  • Because the internet is raving all about Valentines?
  • Because every single person on social media is talking about it?
  • Because the stores sell couple-y things in red and white heart symbols? 
  • Because that’s the norm?


If any of the above are your go-to reasons…then please by all means necessary, I hope you know that you’re a douche.

Why do people put importance in one day of the year yet there’s 364 more years on the damn calendar? and if it’s a leap year,,,they’re 365.

I’m not saying that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Just make sure you know the real reason behind telling your other halves “happy valentines”. Make sure, it’s your own reason or your own take on valentines and what they mean to you. Don’t Google “How to tell them how much they mean to me”…that’s just sad.


I didn’t do it…I didn’t kill cupid.  :)


Here’s what I want would like (because “want” sounds too demanding):

(I have a dream,,,that one day…)

~I want to be loved just as I would love.

~I want to be cherished every single day of the year just because you consider me special because I’ll be damned if that’s exactly how I would treat my other half.

~“I love you” shouldn’t be thrown around only on February 14th,,,but every single morning we wake up together because you never know whether you’ll see your other half again.

~I want to be treated like I matter. It doesn’t have to be through fancy dinners and shindigs like that,,but really,,,just treat me the way your mama brought you up.

~Be a gentleman and I in turn will be the lady that you saw in me that very first day.

~Don’t get mad at me and go quiet,,,talk to me so we can solve whatever issues we have. Nobody’s perfect.

~My heart has been through more than enough already,,,I know,,,I’m not even 25 yet and here I am talking about matters of the heart. I just want to find love rather than die old miserable and alone(yeah,,,that’s another one of my outrageous fears)

~I’m just another girl living in a fantasy world where there’ll always be a prince charming to come to my rescue and carry me off on his chariot(Don’t give me that look. We all read Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.)


~I’m all for putting myself out there for the world to scrutinize and for the male species to discover who I am,,,but then again, I’m waiting for the one that’ll discover the diamond in the rough(yes,,,I’m a diamond,,,we all are)

~For my other half to be as good with my family as I shall hope to be with his. That he’ll try, hard as it might be, to form good relations with them because they’re important to me.

There’s so much more i have to add to this list but my mind’s telling me not to do it here,,,so I’ll listen to my conscience for once.


I had this stuff on my mind  and I had to let it out somehow.


*Personal Update*

Shooooot. I’ve never done this but here goes….

I’ve just closed a chapter in my life that I honestly should be leaving wide-fucking-open(excuse my French…wait,,,isn’t Russians and Germans that curse like sailors though? So it should be “Excuse my Russian/German?) but then again,,,we live and we learn through mistakes, yeah? Had the chance, blew it. Let’s get on with this growing up struggle that is life.


I.o.n my mother’s advice is pure gold. I honestly don’t know how I get through some things without this lovely person here.


Cherish the ones that you love,,,grudges are for the weak.

Say what you want to when you have the chance. :) Never know what you have till it’s gone. :)


Cheers lovers of life,,

Happy Valentines in advance. :*


Be cool people until next time.



*Mapenzi.Love* :)


10 things every 20-something girl should know (Girl-Code)

Catchy title, non?

So the past week has been marred with school work and lovely Nairobi weather and on top of that, people keep sending me links about #TheSacredBroCode. I decided to deal with the interesting yet funny rules that guys should abide by. Here I am coming up with a couple girl-codes that every female human being should adhere to(and also dispelling a couple of the common outdated ones.) :)



1. Don’t date you girl’s ex-boyfriend….

OK…Real Quick,,,please tell me why and how this is a rule??? Because at any given point, your current boyfriend was someone’s ex….whether you like it or not. They may not have been physically dating but they were emotionally attached to some other girl before you came along. But if it’s a guy that won’t stay with you till the end…don’t ruin a good girl-mance(sigh,,,guys have it good with the bromance phrase) :(

So instead, I think this rule should read,,, Do allow your friends to seek their own damn happiness.

(Disclaimer: But if the said friend hits it off with your ex a little too fast….it probably started waaaaaay before the two of you broke up)


2. If you have to be selfish,,,don’t give yourself away.


We were brought up to put others before ourselves(if you didn’t go through this formation then i don’t know how you’ve survived all these years)

Take this scenario: your girlfriend is throwing a party this weekend but your boyfriend wants to do something special with you,,, i know the obvious choice would be “I’d go with my boyfriend Obviously” but you have to step back and take a look at the situation,,,your friend will probably get really annoyed if you don’t at least turn up….so the Simplest Solution would be to head on down to your girlfriend’s party spend a good hour there having fun and making merry,,,then pull an excuse like your stomach isn’t handling the alcohol too well and leave. You get to spend the night with two people that matter the most to you without hurting anyone’s feelings. But then again, your boyfriend and girlfriend should at least be acquaintances,,,so why can’t you and him both go to the party and then leave? lying is bad. :)


3. Do solve your girlfriends heartbreak issues.


A good dance scene(girl’s night out or something), a couple of good glasses of wine, some chocolate and the greatest chick-flick of them all “Sex And The City”. Putting her mind off of her own problems and focusing on Samantha’s, Carrie’s problems and escapades is pretty easy.


4. Do help her out during that time of the month…


You never know how much of a stuck-up attitude karma can have until you refuse to help someone when they need it.

The help could be offered by giving her the little necessities(especially where she was not prepared) or respecting her mood swings when they happen and warning off others(silently) so that she’s at peace and won’t castrate an unsuspecting male for saying something to her.


5. Do like any and all pics they post on social media(instagram, facebook, twitter).


Everyone needs a fan base….as her ride-or-die friend, you’re expected to be the founder, promoter, number one shareholder in this said fan-base.

It’s like being a mother,,,you have to be supportive of everything they do…unless they’re posting nudes….if this is the case,,,lecture a girl so she knows how stupid she’s being.

6. Do punish your girl.


On a night out and she’s wearing a cleavage-baring dress whose bust line is right above the parts that must be covered up by the precious brassier,,,it’s a girl’s right to slap the said friend on the bosom…but then again, you’d be an even better friend if you didn’t let her step out in that dress but convinced her to change into something completely different and less “Slutty”.


7. If a girl looks a little too intoxicated,,,it’s your duty as a woman to help her out regardless of whether you know her or not. 


I’m not saying that you take her home and stuff,,,i’m talking about buying her water to sober her up,,,then making sure she knows who and where she is before going on your merry way. Nobody wants to hear about a girl being too drunk to take care of herself and something happened to her…YET you could’ve done something!!!!!!!!


8. Do tell your girl if she has food stuck on her teeth or toilet paper stuck on her shoes or if her make-up is giving her raccoon eyes.


Noone wants to be smiling that million dollar smile only for some random person to point out(not politely by the way) that there’s a piece of spinach stuck in between your teeth.

You’re her friend,,,do the right thing…and do it discreetly and POLITELY.


9. Your friend is not never fat unless she’s eating four-times as much as you would in one sitting( i mean in all courses of the meal)…Image

if that’s the case then “Houston, We Have A Problem.”

There’s always a point in the year when a girl enjoys a binge day week  month and this is allowed. But if this goes on for more than the allowed period of time there could be some underlying problem (you know, depression and stuff) that you don’t know about and in this case, you’re not being a good friend.


10. Ride together,,,,Die Together.


With your girls, at the end of the day, they’ve seen you at your best and worst(if not, then you need to check your friendship acquisition qualities) So they’re like family. Treat them as you would your blood-relatives, and as you would like to be treated as well.

Even those really bad days when you can’t stand yourself, they’ve been with you long enough to handle your bull-poopoo.

So once you cross over to that stage where you can trust each other completely to even use each other as alibis without any signals,,they’re family.

#Kevin Hart:


Show them some love every once in a while.


Live Laugh Love.

Life’s too short to be sitting around miserable…and nobody follows rules anyway.




Cheers life lovers….February is here by the way. Birthday Month tings…One Year Older Tings.

Loving The Life I Live,,,Living The Life I LOVE

Happy Birthday Febabies(February Babies),,,you’re cool people.


Orange Juice, Red Velvet Cake, Orange Juice, Airwaves, Sun, Love and Family,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

You are your own worst enemy

Hello lovelies.

I start this one on a not so light note,,,i need you guys to take a second to pray, to whatever deity you worship, for a couple of friends of mine and friends of my friends in situations that no-one expects to overcome them. Just pray for the restoration of their health and that they’ll be walking around once again as has been the norm.

Asante. :* :*

You are your own worst enemy

I’ve been on a thinking spree for a couple of days(meaning months/years…whichever comes last) and i’ve thought up a couple of business ideas, clothing or accessory purchases, i’ve thought about what my major will be or what on earth is going on with my “love-life” or lack there-of….and i’ve realised one thing, i’m always putting myself off of doing something that i at one point thought was a really good idea.

Here’s an example:

I get back one of my test results back and after realizing that I’ve done waaaaaaay worse than i would ever expect, i begin to chastise myself and tell myself how “I’m such a failure. Studying doesn’t help me. Even when I’m doing any test I’ll probably still fail it because that’s what I’ve come to. I’m not meant for the greater successes in life….” Such poison…I know.

But  realized that there’s nothing more venomous  than one’s own thoughts.

Hell, if i think i’m a failure even with a mean grade of an A(which in my varsity is about 70% and above), then even when other people try to tell me otherwise, i will see not what they see. I’ll only focus on what i’ve pumped into my own mind. And so subconsciously, it’ll eat me alive.

I know everyone is guilty of this one thing, your mind is a dangerous tool if programmed to think the wrong things.


You could, for instance, want to be a poet or spoken word artist, and you want to venture out into doing live performances. There’s always that stage people go through where they recite their pieces out loud while looking at the mirror or while recording themselves. And after a playback, you realize that it’s the complete opposite of what you had envisioned. That dream consequently fades away just like that.


Classic example right there…your mind is convinced that you’re a poor performer or that you’re not good enough. This conviction is so intense that it leads you to lead go off the said dream and move on to something new.


Well,,, now you know that your mind is poisonous. If you don’t believe me, just do a mini-experiment on yourself. Observe your own thoughts when you’re contemplating about something and see how much negativity roams in your thoughts.


Let’s all make a concerted effort to avoid being alone for too long…i mean alone in the sense of “loneliness”…you know being alone with your thoughts for too long.


At one point you may be considered classified as insane.


Always harbor positive comments about yourself. Counteract the negative vibes guys.

It’s about time we solve the smaller problems before they’re blown out of proportion. :)

Cheers *sound of glasses clinking*


P.S February is almost here and you know what that means. :) Old is gold . :) If you have no idea what it is I speak of when i mention this lovely month that’s coming up check this out…


And have you noticed something new about the page? yeah,,,changed it like 600000000 times before i finally settled on this one,,,and i’m not yet satisfied with it. :) :)


Stay safe, ask for blessings, be your brother’s keepers. :)


I’m about to watch 12 Years A Slave….I hear it’s a little too intense though. *Wish me luck*



Happiness, Love, Orange Juice, Positive Vibes, Blessings and Healing,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Happy New Year

Hello lovers of life.

This is waaaaay overdue but happy new year lovelies.

I hope your mini-vacation over christmas and new year’s was epic. Mine was.

With seeing my grandmothers, who i have now officially concluded are funnier than i give them credit for(and cheeky too). :D :D to “camping”,,,to watching MiCasa and Mafikizolo doing their thing on stage as i jumped just 5feet away, to seeing a couple of friends again(the little treasures in life). I think 2014 has started off on a good note.

aaaaaaand guess what??? I met JSomething, Mo-T and Dr. Duda from MiCasa.(yes. i feel your jealousy)


no. You don’t understand how much this means to me….who randomly discovered MiCasa after hearing their first single(a couple of years ago) off the SoulCandi youtube page and going goo-goo gaa-gaa over that discovery then a couple of months down the line, everyone FINALLY caught up. :) And Dr.Duda?? teddy bear,,,he is the perfect teddy-bear….some bear hugs will never be forgotten.

So anyway, enough about that…it’s all in the past right?

Moving on to this thing we call resolutions…hmmm…i think last year around this time I posted about new year resolutions and how i won’t make one because i still have a couple spilling-over since the new millenium(year 2000).

This year, i share the same sentiments. Sometimes, we force ourselves to make resolutions when we know deep down that we won’t even look at them again after writing them down.

The time to write your resolutions for 2014 was actually December 2013…so you could properly review your 2013 and how you spent it and make notes about how “This is what i will try to do better.” “This is how i’ll spend my money or my time or my feelings”.

Take every new year as a race. Writing resolutions now(like 2weeks later) is like reaching down to tie your shoe-laces once the starting shot has been fired and everyone else has started running.

If you haven’t written them yet,,,let it be. Plan things by the month now.Talk about how next month, this shall be my budget, this is how i’ll spend my February(which i must  insist is my Birthday Month. i repeat, FEBRUARY IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH).

I resolved late last year to cut out the negativity in my life, my thoughts, my words and to bring in a truck-load of positive vibes and love. so my motto still remains.


and #KillThemWithLove.


I shall catch you up on the randoms in my life soon enough.

but until then,

ice cream, oreos, chicken salad, cashew nuts, AIRWAVES, yogurt and chocolate love and blessings for days,

Yours Awesomely,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Happy Holidays


As always there’s a mad rush to wish as many people as you can Merry Christmas…but then again, what if they don’t celebrate Christmas? It’s still a holiday for them, right? So the safest bet is to wish them Happy Holidays. :)

Happy Holidays my amazing readers. Spend it with the ones you love and that love you. Cherish the moments that you have with them. Give gifts and make merry. I don’t mean extravagant stuff like watches worth $30000…but then again, if you have the money, spend it.

What i’m trying to emphasize here is that as you consider the gifts to give(or that you’ve already chosen), make sure they come from the heart…not literally though,,,i think i’d get a heart attack if someone sent me a heart in a box…(so many puns there,,,none of them intended though). It can be a simple I love you, breakfast egg, tiny chocolate éclair, bar of kitkat(which as i finally concluded have escaped from the Kenyan market,,,,what’s with this year and these random shortages? First éclairs went m.i.a because they’re produced in Egypt,,,and there had been some unrest there so production was halted…..and then they returned recently, with a bitter tinge to them,,,suddenly production changed base to South Africa….#Sigh….we miss you éclairs. You’ll never be the same again. And then skittles also went on a temporary hiatus…but that’s a story for another day.)

Gifts should be well thought out.

But then again, as we think of our loved ones(because this season intends to make us more selfish than usual…what with us concentrating on family and everything) let’s not forget those guys that are not affiliated with us but still need someone to share a smile with them this season. It could be the lovely kids with such big accepting hearts in the homes, the sick in hospital with no-one to visit them, the less fortunate(and i use this term lightly) …let’s make these holidays memorable. :) As much as we make plans to attend the events on NYE, head down to the coast for some sun and life, go for blankets and wine ;) head to Naivasha and other places to indulge in the Kenyan traditions of koroga, mbuzi choma and binge yes, binge drinking all in the name of celebration, let’s not forget the others in our society. :)

Cheers and love my sweets.

Happy Holidays.

Let’s get through this in one piece, in one peace. :*

I haven’t talked music yet though…so:

…MiCasa… :)

I’m a fan not a fanatic. Their SuCasa album released mid-2013,,, is abit too amazing.(though i still prefer their first album: MiCasa) The tunes are so catchy:

Listen to “Your Body“,,,”Jika“,,,”Africa Shine”    and then tell me you don’t like MiCasa’s music.

…Queen Bee… *enough said here*

Just know that I love you like XO,,,you love me like XO.



p.s. Koroga is a swahili term that means “to stir”.  It’s commonly used in Nairobi-terms to represent a gathering of a couple of people, under a shade and cook on their own possibly using the charcoal stove. A couple of places in Nairobi are  Spice Roots , Mystique Gardens , Azalea (Caribea Bar & Restaurant), Osoita Lodge , Meriada Gardens , Smokey’s Restaurant , Bowling Green Restaurant among others.

Mbuzi is a swahili term for goat.

Mbuzi Choma is swahili for roast goat meat.


Love, candy canes, chocolate chip cookies and milk, chicken, mbuzi, orange juice, family, PositiveVibes.


*Mapenzi.Love* :)