Conventional Ways?

Hello, hello, hello.

I figured I’d get this random post over and done with because well I simply have missed rambling on here.

So here goes:

I was watching a movie the other week where the main character, some girl, came under fire from “observers” about how she became friends with a couple of the guys in her life. The classic tale of kiss the frogs and realizing incompatibility or a certain level of friendliness that cannot be ignored. Basically, she kissed a couple of them and now they’re in her circle of friends.

I did a self-evaluation because a couple of bells rang in my mind and because isn’t that what movies conjur? These idle minds of ours that are susceptible to absorbing everything and being convinced that in TWO HOURS: two people can meet at college, fall in love, out of it, date other people, get back together, get married, have kids, watch them grow, get grandkids, travel the world,,,,two hours guys!!!! But that’s the thing about movies innit? They simply show movement; and inadvertently lead to movement of desires, emotions, finances, our thoughts…

Back to the soul-searching. I realised that indeed there are certain people in my life that would not be in it if there was no kiss and friend. Weird, I know? But it’s completely true.


Did they work out? Yes, some of them did and a couple that didn’t were simply nipped in the bud because life has enough problems without having to add such trivial matters.

We get so caught up in trying to make friends because “Hey!!! We are social by nature us human beings *Dear Philosophical Anthropology lecturer,,,see I understood this concept* ”  that we use whatever means necessary to get them.

Any means necessary? That’s a tad extreme dontcha think? But it is indeed the reality that we force ourselves to settle for.

Some say “We never kiss and tell” as a means of ignoring something that actually took place. I’m guilty as charged of pulling this one but consequences are there for a reason.

Anywho, What is the standard way of this selection?

I’m an intorvert by design, an extrovert to certain people and a massive question mark to everyone else.

Girls? Pretty simple. Why? because we share the same gender and the struggles that come along with it.

Guys? I have to split them into potential suitors, friends and the other question marks. It’s the question marks that leave everyone wary though.

Proper conversation? I don’t think I can have a full length conversation without making a joke(puns) and proceeding to laugh at how amazing my brain can be sometimes.
(Mindy Project anyone??)
Once again my question stands, is there a way of making friends? Is there a school of “friendship” that people get enrolled in? School for the shy…like yours truly?

Dear movies, I’ve seen enough of your lies to know that indeed you’re very unnecessary but watch you I still will. We can all be friends without classifying each other into frogs and princes or princesses, yeah?

Here’s to expanding the circle in more normal subject to societal scrutiny “conventional” ways. No more kiss and friend guys.

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,

with love, life and a multitude of thoughts,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


Holla Holla We dem boyz.

Holla Holla; we making noise.


Over the past few weeks, our internet has amassed a serious volume and number of disturbing stories. There’s the dress one, the baby being abused by her nanny/maid depending on what vocabulary you use and most recently, the racism one about Michael Brown.

Strip Me Not:

There’s this mentality that people have and are expressing that when you dress up, the clothes on your back are for the people around you. Meaning that, whatever you decide to wear has to be deemed appropriate. I have no qualms about decency; are jeans decent? are vests decent? are midi-dresses(for the male readers these are dresses that fall halfway between the knees and the ankles) The answer to all the above is a simple and unanimous YES!!!

And these are exactly what the victims were dressed in.

There are people out there convinced that the women had it coming. The videos of which i can’t even get past a couple of seconds, bear voices of the perpetrators and crowds screaming “Vua! Vua! Toa yote!” loosely translated to “Undress them! Undress Them! Take it all off!”

To some extent I do agree with the fact that the levels of decency must be respected enough such that when you wear something, you don’t have to feel overly exposed to the atmosphere. But there exists some strain of human beings that believe that women are there to be objects of pleasure and that alone. SO tell me dear readers, will someone with some misplaced and misconstrued mentality really let any female pass them by without lusting after them? It wouldn’t matter if they are adorned in a buibui, long skirt and wrist cuffed shirts, school uniforms, jeans vests, sweaters. Their aim will always be to look for what they want and try to get it by all means.

There was a protest early last week labelled “My Dress My Choice”. I think it was insanely brilliant. Regardless of how many people have asked “So now that they held the protest, now what?” ; or the best one I’ve heard “Why should our fellow men be privy to such nuisances in the name of advocating for women’s rights?”

In life, there’s always the good and the bad; the positives and the negatives.

Ask yourself this though, if you’ve watched the videos(which are insanely explicit) and have seen what those poor defenceless women went through, and HAVE YET TO DO ANYTHING yet you sit behind a screen and expose your ignorance to the internet by asking “so now?” are you any better? really? At least the protesters went out of their merry way to recognize that the dignity of the victims has been stripped off of them(literally) and were in a way trying to restore this dignity by giving them a voice and a platform.

Why should everyone be up in arms? Men included? Because you are from woman.

You have, or had a mother, a wife, a sister, an auntie, a grandmother, a daughter, a niece.

Would you strip them? I know the unanimous answer to this is a resounding NO! But how would you react when you come home to find that there’s a video of your “insert female relative here” was stripped in a public place by a bunch of rowdy men who then also tried to violate her? A video that was sent to your Whatsapp, and is doing the rounds on social media?

Would you lay your hand on another female knowing very well that it could be your “Insert female relative here??”

Isn’t there a better way to deal with the “indecency” as is claimed? Like perhaps and I’m going out on a limb here, covering her up and shipping her to the police station to be booked under indecent exposure?

And it seems that the perpetrators of the strip to teach actions are retaliating against the protest from last week. This new week, more videos have surfaced where women are being fondled after being stripped.

So you, Yes YOU behind that screen that is shaking their head in complete agreement with the perpetrators actions on stripping…are we still having the same mindset?

As I pointed out before, there’s a difference between tradition and whatever mentality people are trying to hide behind today.

It makes sense that we’re in Africa and some shit shouldn’t fly here because we’re cultured but to be honest, there’s nothing about tradition being practised by these “judge-jury and executioner” style men that strip women and consequently take turns to fondle them.

You cannot change the mind and opinion of someone who before they left the house decided that they would, if the scenario arises, willingly strip a woman and fondle her private parts on the guise of tradition.


But once again, I’m here behind a screen aren’t I?

I’m pretty sure that I would not know what to do if this happened to me. I cannot begin to empathize with these women because I do not know how it feels to be in their shoes. All I’m doing is sympathizing, pitying and as many of y’all are, thanking the stars that it’s not me.

And in fear and constant suspicion I am living, because even my loosely fitting jeans and my thick woollen sweater aren’t enough reassurance that I will be spared if I were to step out into the city.

Don’t ask the people who are sharing their opinions why they felt the need to do it but instead, come up with your own opinion. Don’t squash others voice because you have nothing better to say. If you have no solution, do not rain on the parade of those who are trying to seek one out. Just sit down, please and thank you.

Where has the society that we once knew disappeared to?


We talk about Ubuntu but noone wants to mention it in the midst of all this drama.

A child being abused by a nanny.

A young man being shot more than 6 times without any form of defence or any voice.

Dear society,

I know I’m writing to the wrong people but sometimes you need to vent and let it do its rounds on the internet.

Can we revert back to this tradition that we claim to be practising so hard?

If not then can you not turn a blind eye to what is happening around you?

Can we simply not be so quick to point the blame to any party or to judge?

Can we not be so quick to insist on tradition yet the people doing this follow no tradition but some form of “Mutated primal instinct”?

We are not animals so we cannot keep behaving as though we haven’t learnt about morals and cultures. 

Some will insist that this is only happening in the towns and cities like Nairobi and Mombasa but how about the many other unreported cases that take place in the rural areas? Is it still a case of tradition?

But then again, this is my opinion I suppose.


In the mean time, take a peek at this article that I came across that is pretty interesting.

Beyond My Dress My Choice


Until my next interaction with you lovely souls,

Good health, Positive Vibes.


Sincerely yours,

A concerned face behind a screen.

A voice behind a keyboard.

A concerned citizen.

A daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, auntie and future wife.


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Why we lose friends in our 20s…

*some Emeli Sande to serenade your hearts and minds perhaps?*

I remember when I wrote 10 things every 20-something girl should know and how you, my amazing readers, thought that it was an interesting read.

Well here’s another one of those list thingamajigs my lovelies.

Hello my darlings.

Have I missed simply talking to you? YES.

Have I missed ranting and raving about anything and everything? YES.

Have I missed the love an affection that comes with writing to an audience that is not in my line of sight? HELL YEAH!!!

So let’s get to it then, shall we?


(I insist on 20s because it’s at this stage of growth that we realize that well…life happens and people happen as well.)


1. People change.

Everyone including yourself is changing; actually growing up. In this age-decade, we really have no strong idea of who we are so we look for what makes the most sense at the moment. We gravitate towards what seems to befit our lives and makes us satisfied so If there exist people who don’t fit with the mould, they are taken off the list; we bid them adieu.

heart and life

2. People move.

Sometimes, our friends relocate. I don’t mean to a town or another city that’s a bus/train ride away; i’m talking country and/or continent. Hard as it is to accept, at one point or another, you have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll probably never live in the same city or country ever again. So you need to decide whether or not the friendship is worth continuing.

3. Lifestyle changes.

There’s always that crowd of people who were/ are your turn-up buddies. So if at one point in time we decide to get off that daily turn-up and getting mashed any time you get the chance, it pretty obvious that the friendship will end on its own terms. Your “crew” will possibly refer to you as boring or “grandma”  the latter of which shouldn’t even be an insult. Who wouldn’t want to be as wise and as well-loved as a grandmother?

You get what I mean here though.

4. Relationships.

This obviously has to make an appearance. It’s all about being human. When one party ends up in an amazing relationship, surrounded with love and eventually encase themselves in that cocoon, the friendship will suffer. This is due to resentments and a feeling of being left out because you no longer spend time together. Most times, this should NOT be an obstacle, unless maybe the new significant other expressly tells them not to hang out with you…in which case, just wait it out. If, however, this is not the scenario, I believe it would be best to simply fade away and discover newer paths. The time spent resenting could be put to much better use.

live and love

5. Schedules.

I know all about schedules. This is such a scapegoat of a reason that you should be ashamed for even using this one. It may only apply to the weaker friendships though. If this has been the force behind a friendship break-up then simply realize that whoever that friend was, simply was in your life out of sheer convenience. It’s sad but true. Different/ busy schedules would never lead to loss of friends simply because they’ll always be a phone call or text away. My best friend knows this all too well.  :D :D

6.  Fights

They happen all the time. People get annoyed, tears may be shed, fists may fly faster than you can say theafricangirl, feelings get hurt, emotions reign supreme and egos…these huge egos get bruised=> The usual casualties of a fight. The only way this would lead to the severing of a -ship is if too much time passes before the reconciliation process happens. You see, in earlier years of our lives (high school, middle/primary school, kindergarten) if you get into a fight with your friend, you’ll eventually have to hash it over because you’ll be very likely to see them sooner rather than later. In our 20s, it’s an entirely different ballgame. You may choose not to go out and find the said friend in order to make like Koffi Annan and restore the peace through verbal communication and more often than not, you’ll not cross paths in years. After a while, some regret will check in, but by then it may be too late to make amends so you have to let the -ship sail for good.

7. simply because they are toxic. hazardous.


Well, I think this last one is pretty self-explanatory. If your friend encourages you to do things that you normally would never even think of doing, to be someone who everyone else sees as different(and not the good kind of different), who leads to your slow but sure destruction, who doesn’t really build you up but instead removes the very foundation on which you stand,,,you my dear, have some toxic beings in your life, and it would be completely positive for you to let them go.

TOXIC- Yael Naim

how coolio is this rendition of Britney Spears’ toxic? Love it.

That’s a couple of the reasons I could think of.

P.s. seeing as one man’s meat is another man’s poison, I believe y’all should understand that you possibly fall into one or more of these categories listed. So don’t think yourself as the one that’s always being wronged, we wrong others as well. (let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone).

live and live

All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


“Raise you like a phoenix”

(Fall Out Boy_ Phoenix)


Saying NO is always the easier option.

Choosing to think of the negative is always simpler.

Deciding to pick on the weak links is closer, right?

Opting to avoid the risks,

Digging holes in the ground to hide our faces.

Dark over light always wins in some people’s view.

I never understood why…

Until very recently that is.

It’s easier to let your thoughts consume you

And I realized that thinking is much like a never ending spiral.

One thought leads to another and one after that and it spirals out of control.

We are human, yeah?

We love to be in control of anything we come into contact with.

We are determined to try and alter nature to a form that we can rule.

And what happens when that doesn’t go according to plan?

We simply give up or deny or do anything that is beyond the positive.

We choose to deny simply because it’s harder to accept that which goes not according to our vision.

We pick dark over light because we are somehow inclined to that which gives comfort to our failure…

…because misery loves company.

We opt to seek solitude.

So the stages go from denial to over-thinking to self-loath to depression…

But isn’t it amazing how we’re supposed to rise up and accept our fate and move on?


Fate. Interesting word this one.

Do you believe in fate?

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.

We control the outcome of our actions,

And with that said, we also determine our own destiny.

If we choose to live based on the negatives then who are you to complain when you’re labelled a pessimist?

Or if it’s the positives, an optimist would be your title.

So I decided that in acceptance of a situation, you find relief.

Which would you rather: relief or that long downward spiral of negativity?


Your attitude is everything.

Your mistakes don’t make you neither do they break you.

They build your character.

They’re like busted prototypes that point out where you went wrong

so you get up, dust yourself off and try again.




…(part 4 of 4)…

Aaliyah – Try again.


So I was supposed to explain what prompted this four part series, non?

I will refrain from doing so because someone once said that:

“You should talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems”

Sometimes we sit down and examine our lives and concentrate on the few things that put us down albeit for a minute. We forget to appreciate the ever encompassing good in our lives and tend to put ourselves down way too much. We never realize that we have the power to rise above the negative…be it from within or from without.

I realized way back when that if you put down the thoughts that seemingly cause you unrest, whether on paper or virtually, your mind tends to find a release. So write the thought down and forget about it.

And with that, let’s do this acceptance shindig lovers and friends.

____Of the few things we can control, let’s take the lead and show life that we are stronger. _____

Positive vibes is the mantra.

Positive Thoughts,

Positive Feelings,

Positive Lives.


***P.s.  y’all should check out Gorgon City’s SIRENS album…it’s the beezneez***


All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


Always A Lesson


I’m pacing up and down…

Same spot no progress.

The wear can be seen visibly yet i choose not to move.

I’m comfortable here.

I’m kinda sorta used to it here.

I’m not ready to move forward, back or sideways.

I won’t jump.

I won’t sleep nor lay down.

Is this the famous lack of motivation?

Or am I just really lazy?

Some say that you have to fight for those things that you want.

Fight the good fight.

That for which you fight, ought to be right.

Be the achiever that you’ve set your mind to be.

But what if the mind is not in it until it’s too late?

Until the opportunity is lost in the abyss like ink in water?

What then?

Because you can never be fully prepared for the failure bit.

Never be fully attuned to your expectations being shattered.

Noone really picks you up once you’re down and out.

But then again, noone tells you that you should be ready for disappointment.

Noone tells you not to be too hard on yourself.

Noone tells you that you should expect to fail though.

All they and yourself preach is that “i’ll get it the first time.”

And when reality checks in…

You want to run and hide.

But truth is, mistakes are made for a reason.

until youre broken

Learning from them is always the hardest part.

I have to put out my flame of pride to pick myself up off the ground?

I have to sit down and reflect on that failure?

I have to find a way to get back up?

With my own determination to push me forward?

Well, that’s not so hard.

Well, that’s not too bad.

Never a failure always a lesson right?



So learn I will…

Long arduous process but it must be done.

A million steps but all of them we must follow.

In order to live, we must grow.

In order to grow, we need to let go.

In order to let go, we need to know.


In order to reap we must first sow.


. . . (part 3 of  4) . . .


***Afterglow  by Wilkinson

Even though the dancing’s done,

Don’t worry cause the night is young

Who cares where we go

We’re ready for the afterglow.


All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


Another “Vantage” Point

rabbit hol


i’ve been mentally abused.

My abuser? Someone that I know.

Someone that I see in the mirror each time I look into it.

Someone that i’m living life for but seems unappreciative.

Someone whose thoughts warrant my listening.

Someone whose approval I crave.

….That someone is ME.

I hold enough power to destroy myself from within.

I stand at the best vantage point to do this and I do take advantage.

Because there’s no better way to destroy something than to kill it internally.

Kill is a strong word.

But it has to be said as is.

Am I too hard on myself?

Yes, I AM.


sword thoughts

How do you overcome this?

You can’t block out your thoughts can you?

So sometimes you end up lashing out at someone else;

Because they’ve said something that sounds insanely close to what you’ve been thinking,

Because they’re doing something that brought you back into the shell that is your thoughts,

Because they’ve finally discovered what a “nutcase” you are,

Because you’ve decided to link everything in a broad network of interconnected yet unrelated thoughts,

Because you’ve decided to do as they tend to call it “Overthinking”,

Because once something is put out into the universe, it can’t be taken back,

Because you would rather live in your own world than let other people in on your suffering,

Because you would rather not be the proverbial burden,

Because this thing called life always just goes on….

hanging on


*Reader Discretion. Some of the pieces i put up will leave you on the throes of a breakdown. But then again, once I’m done,  you will learn to realize that the little things to you tend to be the big things to other people.  Pace Yourselves.*

(part 2 of 4)

Like i said,, at the end of part 4,,,it shall be explained. so Indulge your minds …or not… :)


and just listen to this random song that is so coolo and hippy.esc:

 The Head And The Heart – Lost In My Mind


All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)


View From Within

ThomasI woke up one morning,

Eyes wide shut mouth widely yawning,

But something wasn’t right..

My light had gotten dimmer.

The darkness consumed me.

I’d felt the change from deep within.

A paradigm shift that was unseen.

My ball of positivity put out like a flame in the wind.

The hidden negativity came out to play.

I was weak.

My mind simply accepted the change and revelled in it.

Basked in the glory of the sadness that were my emotions.

One bad move after another.

Eating? Never that important.

Communication? Not very effective.

Happiness? Apparent only please.

Life? Is it worth it?

I used to hear talk about depression and think really?

But my mind can now comprehend exactly what that is.

The world is an unkind place.

You speak out and get called pretender.

You keep it in and get labelled the quiet emo.

You resort to painting your body and get called an attention seeker.

Worse still, you put on a fake smile and the world will not sense the loss of your happiness.

So you sit alone in the dark at night and cry.

But when crying gets too unfulfilling,

You turn to your body.

Find a sharp object so that you can have an outlet for all those pent up emotions and confusion.

First strike and the pain gives you a sense of freedom.

Second strike and the pain is like a drug.

On the third go, you feel better.

Then you tell yourself that this is the last time that you’ll paint your body.

Because it is art, isn’t it?

And we all love art don’t we?

The scars remind us of how bad it can get…

ergo, they also remind us of how good an artist we can be right?

**Oh right…not funny i suppose?**

I’ve learnt not to judge people for the things they do because who am i?

No really, WHO AM I?

and in what right am i to judge their actions without walking through their shoes?

Without actually going out of my way to find out the cause of their distress?

Without casting them aside saying, you know there are people out there with bigger problems?

Bigger problems?


Why do people tell you there are bigger problems out there?

So apparently because there are people out there with more serious problems then you shouldn’t feel burdened?

But they don’t tell you that you should never be happy because there’s someone out there feeling happier than you are, do they?


But my world shifted again and like a dove i feel free.

Happy and positive even.

Life can’t always be rainbows and butterflies.

Pain that runs way too deep.

I wish I had someone to talk to.

About nothing and everything.

Simply because my own thoughts are suffocating.

Introverts and extroverts alike.

All in the same boat.

So won’t you talk to me?

Call me and say a meaningless hello every now and then?

Simply don’t let me be alone with my thoughts.

.Part 1 of 4.

*Reader Discretion. Some of the pieces i put up will leave you on the throes of a breakdown. But then again, once I’m done,  you will learn to realize that it’s the little things that tend to matter the most.  Pace Yourselves.*

Whitney Houston _ Didn’t Know My Own Strength.

All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Temporary Hiatus

So the other day I got to thinking  and I realized that I need a break.  Like an unscheduled break.  I’ve been thinking..
I’ve been thinking… Waduup Beyonce reference)
…. Hehehehehe.

Anywho my inspiration for the blog may have flown away unannounced.  I woke up like this one day and realized that I can’t keep writing stuff when my heart and mind are in two different places.  And so I’ve  decided to take a break from this blogging world… I’m a lost soul like I said in my previous post here: Things On My Mind
.. I’m floating through space and time with an air of indifference that’s pretty uncool and unsettling… I’ve simply just been going through the motions
.. I’m taking a mental break from this *gestures wildly at the blog page *… Temporarily  I must add though.


I’m completely sorry for not having put anything up in the past two months but now that you’re informed, my mind is at peace.

Got to get that brain juice and what not to keep you guys entertained.

Rest easy, dream sweet, love always and stay positive.


I’ll just be here waiting for my serendipity… That’s all.


See you soon my lovers of life.

The only way from here is UP and I’ll be back within no time…(p.s why does this phrase even exist? It hardly makes any sense…there’s no such thing as NO TIME bruuuh)


p.s. Pray for Gaza.


Your very own African Hippie,
From a cool corner in Nairobi,  Kenya,

Red velvet cake and kikoys and lessos, kisses, love, peace and positive vibes,

*Mapenzi.Love* :)

Things On My Mind



I’m confused because my mind is in a void,

Because I woke up in the morning to news of a fallen soldier.


I’m distressed,,,why am I still alive?

Yet a child that would’ve been greater than myself did not survive,

His body did not thrive.


My heart aches.

For the children in the streets,

That have a concrete floor for seats,

And lack proper bed sheets.


I’m amazed, at life that’s all there is.

Two polar opposites coming together for success.

Sorry I digress,

But then again, some things I must confess.

My life is not all rainbows and butterflies.

I’m a troubled soul with no salvation in sight,

I’m a troubled soul walking the earth surrounded by fellow troubled souls.



My brain is riddled with thoughts,

Thoughts that someone my age should not attract,

Company that someone my age is told to “subtract”,

With whom we shouldn’t interact.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

Looking for love in all the wrong places,

Falling in defeat when the love you find is not that which you seek.

Yet out there,,,there’s hope that you’ll get stronger,

Become the survivor.

Make proud your mother.

Live to love


I need a castle in the sky,

To hide away when I need to simply lie,

there and do nothing,


I need a vacation from myself.

I need a vacation from this life.

I feel way too unlucky at this point in time.

I feel like I’m being reprimanded for a crime.

Like my life is suddenly sour-lime,

But then again, these are simply feelings.


I’m confused

Because my mind is in a void

Because I woke up to the news of a fallen soldier,

And that soldier, I now realize, is me.



But I’m all about those Positive Thoughts.

Positive Vibes.

Positive Auras.


It’s not your thoughts that determine who you are,

but what you do about those thoughts.


Katy Perry – Choose Your Battles



*Mapenzi.Love* :)





Beautiful faces,

Way too many places,

Years of divine paces,

Peace and unity have been her aces,

But to think that a couple of incidents have made her fall from her own graces?


Please, she’s a victim of bad decisions.

She’s a pawn in the wrong playing field.

She’s been dragged into a dispute without her shield.

She’s been brought out to do battle but without any weapon to wield.

She’s being thrust into a world that no-one understands…


War? Nobody’s going to war.

No-one stops to ask the question, what purpose is it for?

There’s never need for an uproar,

You’re not a lion so sit down on a cold floor…


and Meditate..

better yet appreciate.

The beauty that she has to offer.

The same that we choose to admire her for.


My Land is Kenya


Take  a trip to the Mara…

Look at her wildlife and the swara.

Go down to the coast

See for yourself why of the sandy white beaches she can boast.

What about Turkana?

I know it’s a bit deserted but you won’t look for manna.

They have resorts and out of this world experiences and you get to enjoy the fauna.

Hello Isiolo…

no no…no more y.o.l.o.

And Olepolos?

Tell me you haven’t been to indulge in the nyama choma and the ambiance that could have you doing singing solos.

And in the middle of this great nation?

So much greenery and calmness, rainforests and adventures waiting for your exploration.

Her lake side city,

Where remarks are ever so witty..

yeah, I’m talking about Kisumu City,

Where lake side restaurants are ever so pretty.


You know NaxVegas to some…

And Naivasha.

There’s only so much that this beautiful country has to offer,

I can’t describe it all because some I’ve yet to discover.

Or imply stay in Nairobi,

Check out her park and amazing skyline,

Beautiful from which ever side you see it she’ll still be fine,

Her mix of cultures, so divine.


It’s a pity,

That there’s always so much negativity,

revolving around this here country,

yet no-one’s willing to speak up about her sheer beauty.


So let’s take a journey.

For now, just don’t think about the money.

Traverse and discover the hidden treasures that she has to offer.




K-E-N-Y-A. #TembeaKenya


Camp Mulla – If You Believe


with love and affection,

written from the heart of this insanely beautiful country,

chicken choma, mukimo, githeri, tilapia fillet, nyama choma, tusker and all yummy goodness,



*Mapenzi.Love* :)

*the images used in this post are courtesy of Google.*