Who or What is a Writer?

Hey my doves.

I’ve been receiving so much positivity from so many readers and from life in general, it’s amazing. So here I am, back at it again with the blog posts. I hope y’all have been well.

Who / What Is A Writer?


The other day, well more like last month (Happy New Month guys, it’s finally the middle of the year)….so anyway, the other day I was picking up a hamper from somewhere, and the lady I met up with was first, really friendly and secondly, the sweetest human being ever. You know those random things you get into on social media and then the punch line is win a free hamper or something of the sort? Well that’s what this was about. Okay, the point of that back story isn’t so that you can finally see how much time I spend on the internet.

With this sweetheart, let’s call her Mo, she’s the social media manager at company X. Mo randomly asks me a question about what I do, well possibly because I was rocking up to her office at 2 in the afternoon, dressed in jeans, a vest and a sweater. I asked her to guess what I do. Here’s where it got interesting. She shoots me a scrutinizing look, like top to bottom kinda look then she she just says, “You look like a writer. Like one of those creatives that can sit behind a desk and put words on a screen and have people enjoy what you write.”

What? Me? A Writer? So I asked her “Why do you think I look like a writer? Is it the way i’m dressed? How I sound when I talk?” Mo said that it was in my eyes or something. I laughed so hard and asked her to get serious. Here we were, two complete strangers, carrying on a conversation like we were friends from way back when. She went on to say that it’s in my hands, I have a writer’s hands. It’s in how laid back I looked, it’s in the smile and of course the way I spoke to her with a certain command of English. So, I was flattered. If you know me, you know by now that flattery gets you more than 10 points with me. I then went on to tell her about the blog and that I write for fun, she read my latest posts on depression, looking all impressed (in my opinion). So if you’re reading this Mo, Hi. 🙂

We caught up a bit on how I came to blog and what else I do, she promised to buy some of my cupcakes, she followed the page on Instagram, joked about how she needs more energy like mine around the office, we exchanged numbers….New friend guys. Is this how networking works? I felt so accomplished on my drive home and so I got to thinking, What exactly is a writer?

Who/ What is a writer?

I always imagined a writer to be someone who lounges around with their laptop and/or tab, a mug of black coffee and glasses on their face(I picked this out of all the movies I’ve watched that have a writer in them), looking all dishevelled and slightly crazy. Words flowing through their entire aura being let out through their finger tips.

Kinda like Johnny Depp when he played Mort Rainey in Secret Window.


Thank you google for making my life slightly harder. I put that in the search tab and it brought me a lot of psychological stuff about whether you’re a writer or someone who simply writes. This led me to read through a couple hundred websites about this and now here I am sharing my profound knowledge, if only just so it stops taking up space in my mind.

A writer is, simply put, is someone who can pen down their thoughts onto a piece of paper in a manner that exudes meaning and can be understood by anyone who reads it. Based on this definition, aren’t we all writers then?

a compulsion to write
a love of language
a grasp of grammar and idiom
a wide acquaintance with writing in different genres and from different historical periods
an enormous vocabulary, together with an instinct for choosing words appropriate to context and audience
the ability to write despite discouragement and distractions

So does this apply to you? I know they do to me.

Do your words make people feel involved? Do they evoke emotions and concern? Do the readers flow with the words, like they’re being serenaded by a violin? Do you itch to write almost every second of the day? Do you have multiple pages of multiple books filled with blood, sweat, tears and of course ink? Do you not worry about semantics like How should I begin or where should I begin or is my writing good enough?

Then you might possibly be a writer. Or someone who writes. Screw the internet and the labels though. If you think you’re a writer, then be what you may.

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper pattern at the right moment.  ~Hart Crane

And I found this quote which simply spoke to me, wrapped up my “writer” physique in a beautiful little bundle of words and was gifted to my sight.

The writer writes in order to teach himself, to understand himself, to satisfy himself; the publishing of his ideas, though it brings gratification, is a curious anticlimax.  ~Alfred Kazin


Elvis Costello and The Attractions- Everyday I Write The Book

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday I write the book

Chapter One we didn’t really get along
Chapter Two I think I fell in love with you
You said you’d stand by me in the middle of Chapter Three
But you were up to your old tricks in Chapters Four, Five and Six

The way you walk
The way you talk, and try to kiss me, and laugh
In four or five paragraphs
All your compliments and your cutting remarks
Are captured here in my quotation marks

Don’t tell me you don’t know the difference
Between a lover and a fighter
With my pen and my electric typewriter
Even in a perfect world where everyone was equal
I’d still own the film rights and be working on the sequel

That’s it from my end of the globe.

From a cool corner of Nairobi,

with love and love and sun and positive vibes,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂



Olla muchachos. 🙂 🙂
You’re doing well i should hope? still basking in The Afterglow non?


I should be studying but look where I am…tihihi.

Figured the blog needed a little loving…

So, what better way to appreciate my brain child than with recognition?

I was nominated by one of the coolest and sweetest poets i’ve come across just yet. Her name’s Meg from Dream Chasing: The Revelations and she’s such a barbie doll it’s insane.

Anywho, the internet apparently wants us to appreciate female bloggers outchea(Female bloggers stand up!) and it came up with the Sisterhood of the Bloggers award.

So in honour of this(Momma we made it), I’m supposed to answer a few questions to the best of my abilities and understanding….and in full honesty.

BUT First lemme take a selfie lemme nominate a couple sweethearts and dimes whose blogs i just so happen to follow:

– Mal Kanini(There’s two cool ladies behind this one btw) of Heels, Hearts and Heroine

– Barbie Abwoga of The C-Word| No not contraception, cancer

– Michelle Nyakiamo of When Life Changes

– Nyambura Murigi of Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

– Gathoni of Pickles in Jars

– Wangechi of justwangechi’s blog

p.s as you can probably tell, there’s so much to how you name your blog that draws in readers and allows you their guaranteed loyalty. 🙂 check these examples of good bloggership and know why they’re currently bookmarked on my browser. We’re all amateur writers but alas, our fingers can put down into writing what our minds try to project.

p.p.s To the Lovely bloggers nominated, copy paste the questions and answer them in your own point of view. Tag the blog so I get to read them as well.

Back to the situation:

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Haaah! Because as a human being i’m not already an animal?(Dear Biology, did you lie to me? ) Anywho, I’d pick an eagle. I love how strong and independent they seem. I’d have wings to fly around and see the world from way up there…i’ve been down here for so long it would be nice to discover the true birds eye view. An eagle embodies strength and resilience(at least to me).

Plus, have you seen how gorgeous an eagles face and beak structure is?


What legacy would you like to leave behind?

That’s a good question. (Beyonce fans in the house say what!) Legacy? well, something that I’ll leave behind because the life that I live will someday have to be returned to sender? Ok. see how pretty difficult this is to answer? As I beat around the bush…call me George…might be from Georgia haha. I would really love to leave my positivity behind. The memory of my thoughts and words should spread and let it be known that there was a girl that wanted to dispell the negativity that surrounds every nook and cranny of this world that we live in; to try and bring in as much positive thought and action; that though may be unknown to many, imparted some warmth into their hearts and minds.

Name one thing you love about yourself, why?

One thing only? Sigh. Such vain beings we are. I love love love love love my mind. I’m not a materialistic person per say, I can’t say that I love my body because it’s prone to change; I can’t lay a claim on my face or anything of that sort because of the same reason. But my mind. It’s a wormhole that even I at times find difficult to understand. In this mind, I’ve build an entire empire; that has my goals, desires, weaknesses and strengths all panned out. In this very mind, my dreams are conjured and from the last blog post(it’ll be ours) you know why dreams are important and are ever so valid.

What would you like to change about yourself or improve on?

My perception of myself. Once again, it trickles down to my mind. This very mind that knows all my strengths, also knows all my so-called weaknesses. If I could put a lid on the negativity that involves talking down to myself or ultimate disapproval. But to each his own I suppose. I try get around this anyway because it’s such a pebble in a field of rock.

If you could fly for a day, where would you go?

To the one who undoubtedly holds my heart. If I could, I would. But seeing as that’s slightly far fetched and mysterious, i’ll settle for Morocco. My dad has told me stories about how amazing their culture is, how welcoming they are generally, the FOOD, the breathtaking beauty that is Marakech, full of life, colour and pompadour. I would really travel here in a nano-second if travelling were free.


If you could have supernatural abilities what would it/they be?

Supernatural lovers I see you. 🙂

I would once have said mind reading but I realised that there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with not knowing people’s thoughts all the time.

Now, I would really want to have the power to be a medium. There’s so many people I know that would simply love to have a link to someone who’s passed; to tell them “hey. I miss you” or “I’ve been doing this with the aim of making you proud, am i getting there” or simply to feel as alive as they once did when that person was roaming the earth among us. Now that’s my superpower.

Where would you like to live? Why?

I would like to live where the weather is always perfect. Not too much rain, nor too much Sunshine. A place where my heart is content and I can call home. But in reality, take me to Marakech OR Trinidad and Tobago(thank you Nicki Minaj for this insight into Trini…)

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? {past, present, future}

[past]My mum and dad when they were younger. The love they still show all these years later makes me want to have met them before it got this far, to see how amazing they were at living…to laugh at my dad’s fro an ‘stache and glasses and steal clothes from my mum’s wardrobe.

[present] My nephew. I miss Nate. 😦 😦 but besides that, it would be awesome to meet Brad Lau aka ladyironchef (http://www.ladyironchef.com/) because he does travel and food so well.

[future] My 35 year old self…so she can tell me that it’ll turn out fine. That these struggles aren’t in vain.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I want to leave a digital footprint that I’ll come back to when I’m older to simply remember. For my kids to discover and finally agree that I indeed was cool “back then”. Besides, all these thoughts need to be written down somewhere so why not share it with the world; the known and the unknown.

Would you consider yourself happy?

Happiness is such a fleeting emotion. It cannot be measured as you would measure the amount of sugar you need for a batch of cupcakes(hint hint). There are moments when I can agree that I am happy. For now, we can agree that i’m simply satisfied with what life is offering and the steps i’m taking. Satisfaction is pretty a kin to happiness.

Talk about straight from the heart answers huh? Now you’ve had a glimpse into the mind that is mine. I’ll see y’all soon. I can study now.

Happy third Birthday Blog…I’m five days late but I had to make it big. 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been three whole years though. THREE years…that’s 36 months, 1095 days, 26280 hours, 1576800 minutes, 9460800 seconds…

to me

To more years of writing out my mindspeak for you my amazing readers.

From a cool corner of Nairobi,

with dreams, and desires and cupcakes galore,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

It’ll be ours:

Hello lovelies.

I’m here…come back please?

Where have I been? School and then some, and baking cupcakes…p.s. they’re the best you’re yet to have. *blows own horn*

That aside,

I missed your precious*insert gollum’s voice here…my precioussss* souls. I honestly hope that you’re amazing.


Have you had a dream or a vision of something you want to achieve or have or see?

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if the universe set out all your ideals before you?

Have you ever imagined just where you’d be if your wishes were fulfilled?

What life would be like if you never had to struggle?

If your thoughts were never in disarray?

Your desires were satiated and you needed nothing?

Well, I have.

You may say i’m a dreamer.

A creative? Maybe.

But haven’t you also wondered what it would be if you didn’t have to struggle?

If love come to you as easily as the words “mama” and “papa” to a child?

Would you be happy then?

I don’t think so. I know you won’t be happy.

You see, We’re designed to always search for more,

Hunt for the deeper forms of satisfaction.

Desire to share in the world that is ultimate happiness.

Feel incomplete the further we get away from our ultimate end;

But don’t get me started on how amazing it feels to take that step in the right direction.

You may say i’m a dreamer.

My dreams are a painting.

I’m hard at work all night to achieve the greater success that my heart yearns for.

The material(things) is good yes, because I need to survive.

But what is to survive if you’re not really alive?

Alive? You’ll insist that your heart is beating innit?

And to that i’ll pull out your seat, get on it and have a listen.

You may say i’m a dreamer,

Thankfully I know now that the heart beat doesn’t really mean i’m alive.

It means that i’m responsive, my body functions okay.

Hell, i’m even breathing in the right way.


But it’s still doesn’t mean i’m alive.

So here’s a couple of diamonds in the rough,

To be alive it means;

//To have a genuine smile on your precious face;

To be alive it seems;

//You have to love in an innocent way;

To be alive not in dreams;

//You take the chances that even after trying you could never ace.

To be alive, the world deems…

It fit  : to mean not surviving,

            : to mean not going through the motions and expecting a different outcome,

            : to desire to live beyond the now and the current,

            : to chase your dreams above and beyond.

So are you living or are you alive?


Somewhere in the dream we had an epiphany
Now we right the wrongs in history
No one can win the war individually
It takes the wisdom of the elders and young people’s energy
Welcome to the story we call victory

(Isn’t this jam such a motivating piece of awesome collaboration? Get’s your blood pumping, with patriotism, with a sense of belonging, with a new found belief in you dreams.)

p.s. If you click on the “dreamer” that’s highlighted, a couple of interesting lyrical surprises might pop up.

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,

With love and life and #PositiveVibes,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

Conventional Ways?

Hello, hello, hello.

I figured I’d get this random post over and done with because well I simply have missed rambling on here.

So here goes:

I was watching a movie the other week where the main character, some girl, came under fire from “observers” about how she became friends with a couple of the guys in her life. The classic tale of kiss the frogs and realizing incompatibility or a certain level of friendliness that cannot be ignored. Basically, she kissed a couple of them and now they’re in her circle of friends.

I did a self-evaluation because a couple of bells rang in my mind and because isn’t that what movies conjur? These idle minds of ours that are susceptible to absorbing everything and being convinced that in TWO HOURS: two people can meet at college, fall in love, out of it, date other people, get back together, get married, have kids, watch them grow, get grandkids, travel the world,,,,two hours guys!!!! But that’s the thing about movies innit? They simply show movement; and inadvertently lead to movement of desires, emotions, finances, our thoughts…

Back to the soul-searching. I realised that indeed there are certain people in my life that would not be in it if there was no kiss and friend. Weird, I know? But it’s completely true.


Did they work out? Yes, some of them did and a couple that didn’t were simply nipped in the bud because life has enough problems without having to add such trivial matters.

We get so caught up in trying to make friends because “Hey!!! We are social by nature us human beings *Dear Philosophical Anthropology lecturer,,,see I understood this concept* ”  that we use whatever means necessary to get them.

Any means necessary? That’s a tad extreme dontcha think? But it is indeed the reality that we force ourselves to settle for.

Some say “We never kiss and tell” as a means of ignoring something that actually took place. I’m guilty as charged of pulling this one but consequences are there for a reason.

Anywho, What is the standard way of this selection?

I’m an intorvert by design, an extrovert to certain people and a massive question mark to everyone else.

Girls? Pretty simple. Why? because we share the same gender and the struggles that come along with it.

Guys? I have to split them into potential suitors, friends and the other question marks. It’s the question marks that leave everyone wary though.

Proper conversation? I don’t think I can have a full length conversation without making a joke(puns) and proceeding to laugh at how amazing my brain can be sometimes.
(Mindy Project anyone??)
Once again my question stands, is there a way of making friends? Is there a school of “friendship” that people get enrolled in? School for the shy…like yours truly?

Dear movies, I’ve seen enough of your lies to know that indeed you’re very unnecessary but watch you I still will. We can all be friends without classifying each other into frogs and princes or princesses, yeah?

Here’s to expanding the circle in more normal subject to societal scrutiny “conventional” ways. No more kiss and friend guys.

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,

with love, life and a multitude of thoughts,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

Always A Lesson


I’m pacing up and down…

Same spot no progress.

The wear can be seen visibly yet i choose not to move.

I’m comfortable here.

I’m kinda sorta used to it here.

I’m not ready to move forward, back or sideways.

I won’t jump.

I won’t sleep nor lay down.

Is this the famous lack of motivation?

Or am I just really lazy?

Some say that you have to fight for those things that you want.

Fight the good fight.

That for which you fight, ought to be right.

Be the achiever that you’ve set your mind to be.

But what if the mind is not in it until it’s too late?

Until the opportunity is lost in the abyss like ink in water?

What then?

Because you can never be fully prepared for the failure bit.

Never be fully attuned to your expectations being shattered.

Noone really picks you up once you’re down and out.

But then again, noone tells you that you should be ready for disappointment.

Noone tells you not to be too hard on yourself.

Noone tells you that you should expect to fail though.

All they and yourself preach is that “i’ll get it the first time.”

And when reality checks in…

You want to run and hide.

But truth is, mistakes are made for a reason.

until youre broken

Learning from them is always the hardest part.

I have to put out my flame of pride to pick myself up off the ground?

I have to sit down and reflect on that failure?

I have to find a way to get back up?

With my own determination to push me forward?

Well, that’s not so hard.

Well, that’s not too bad.

Never a failure always a lesson right?



So learn I will…

Long arduous process but it must be done.

A million steps but all of them we must follow.

In order to live, we must grow.

In order to grow, we need to let go.

In order to let go, we need to know.


In order to reap we must first sow.


. . . (part 3 of  4) . . .


***Afterglow  by Wilkinson

Even though the dancing’s done,

Don’t worry cause the night is young

Who cares where we go

We’re ready for the afterglow.


All my love,

Hellos and Goodbyes and How are you doings?,

From a cool little corner of Nairobi,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂


Temporary Hiatus

So the other day I got to thinking  and I realized that I need a break.  Like an unscheduled break.  I’ve been thinking..
I’ve been thinking… Waduup Beyonce reference)
…. Hehehehehe.

Anywho my inspiration for the blog may have flown away unannounced.  I woke up like this one day and realized that I can’t keep writing stuff when my heart and mind are in two different places.  And so I’ve  decided to take a break from this blogging world… I’m a lost soul like I said in my previous post here: Things On My Mind
.. I’m floating through space and time with an air of indifference that’s pretty uncool and unsettling… I’ve simply just been going through the motions
.. I’m taking a mental break from this *gestures wildly at the blog page *… Temporarily  I must add though.


I’m completely sorry for not having put anything up in the past two months but now that you’re informed, my mind is at peace.

Got to get that brain juice and what not to keep you guys entertained.

Rest easy, dream sweet, love always and stay positive.


I’ll just be here waiting for my serendipity… That’s all.


See you soon my lovers of life.

The only way from here is UP and I’ll be back within no time…(p.s why does this phrase even exist? It hardly makes any sense…there’s no such thing as NO TIME bruuuh)


p.s. Pray for Gaza.


Your very own African Hippie,
From a cool corner in Nairobi,  Kenya,

Red velvet cake and kikoys and lessos, kisses, love, peace and positive vibes,

*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂




Beautiful faces,

Way too many places,

Years of divine paces,

Peace and unity have been her aces,

But to think that a couple of incidents have made her fall from her own graces?


Please, she’s a victim of bad decisions.

She’s a pawn in the wrong playing field.

She’s been dragged into a dispute without her shield.

She’s been brought out to do battle but without any weapon to wield.

She’s being thrust into a world that no-one understands…


War? Nobody’s going to war.

No-one stops to ask the question, what purpose is it for?

There’s never need for an uproar,

You’re not a lion so sit down on a cold floor…


and Meditate..

better yet appreciate.

The beauty that she has to offer.

The same that we choose to admire her for.


My Land is Kenya


Take  a trip to the Mara…

Look at her wildlife and the swara.

Go down to the coast

See for yourself why of the sandy white beaches she can boast.

What about Turkana?

I know it’s a bit deserted but you won’t look for manna.

They have resorts and out of this world experiences and you get to enjoy the fauna.

Hello Isiolo…

no no…no more y.o.l.o.

And Olepolos?

Tell me you haven’t been to indulge in the nyama choma and the ambiance that could have you doing singing solos.

And in the middle of this great nation?

So much greenery and calmness, rainforests and adventures waiting for your exploration.

Her lake side city,

Where remarks are ever so witty..

yeah, I’m talking about Kisumu City,

Where lake side restaurants are ever so pretty.


You know NaxVegas to some…

And Naivasha.

There’s only so much that this beautiful country has to offer,

I can’t describe it all because some I’ve yet to discover.

Or imply stay in Nairobi,

Check out her park and amazing skyline,

Beautiful from which ever side you see it she’ll still be fine,

Her mix of cultures, so divine.


It’s a pity,

That there’s always so much negativity,

revolving around this here country,

yet no-one’s willing to speak up about her sheer beauty.


So let’s take a journey.

For now, just don’t think about the money.

Traverse and discover the hidden treasures that she has to offer.




K-E-N-Y-A. #TembeaKenya


Camp Mulla – If You Believe


with love and affection,

written from the heart of this insanely beautiful country,

chicken choma, mukimo, githeri, tilapia fillet, nyama choma, tusker and all yummy goodness,



*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

*the images used in this post are courtesy of Google.*

Memoires Of A Younger Sister


Dear Big Sister,


Having an elder sister such as yourself to provide an amazing beacon of hope for me through my formative years is simply godsend.

I’ll forever be grateful for the random times we shared and will share together.

When I was younger and had nightmares, it was your bed that I would jump into.

When I was in primary school looking lost and tiny, you introduced me to your group of friends and I was everyone’s little sister for a couple of years…yeah,,, I knew class eights when I was in class one so bullies didn’t stand a chance.

When I’d selected schools to go to for either secondary or university, mum would say that you had the same choices in mind…which can only be possible because we share that sister-sister telepathy.


I remember when I used to steal your clothes and wear them outside because all I had in my closet were shorts, t-shirts and sweatpants…none of the pretty pretty tops and dresses… and when you found out, you’d get so mad and then I would tell you that I hadn’t taken them. And then hours later you would have forgiven me and all was right with the world again…until the next petty fight we’d have. An endless cycle.


All my friends, back then, knew who you were and at any one point in time, if they saw you outside they would rush back and tell me “I saw your sister and she said Hi to me”.


So many girls out there with sisters, cry foul and complain that they grew up in their sister’s shadow…but that has never come into my mind.

I was born into a world that you had already taken over by storm and a couple of years later a tiny kinky haired baby girl was set in-front of your path and the universe told you to lead her the right way…a protege of sorts.


It didn’t take you too long to claim that I was your own kid. Mum probably used to sit and laugh as she watched how you handled the “doll(Me)” and stole my cerelac(yes, I have heard this story….) and it had to be replaced with mashed pumpkins. (eeeeeew).



There’s never enough words to express all these years of surviving on this earth with an amazing role-model as yourself.


You protected me from my brothers when they forgot the fact that I was a girl and partly fragile when it comes to being hit in the face by a football.


Sharing your things with me was a mandatory(because little sister privilege) but that changed over the years and now I’m the one who gets annoyed because you took my stuff without asking…and then I later stop to think and I realize that “Hey, you’re my sister,,,I used your stuff through half of my life so returning the favor is a given(because karma/law of the universe)”.


You sparked my love for life, music(ok, maybe not neo-soul though), beauty and all things enriching to the soul. Like the moon to a lost soul in the dark, you were my guide through the years.


When I think of courage, I think of you. When I think of love, I think of you. When I think of respect, I think of you.

But you probably already know this.

Where your life is at, is how I see my life in a couple of years.

I’ll always look up to you.


The first girl(notice i said girl and not woman because that spot is for mummy)…so the first girl I knew was my best-friend even when I played with boys and came home with clothes caked in mud instead of playing doll house with the other girls.


Though that changed when we became sort-of obsessed with Gilmore girls and sister-sister(remember Tia and Tamera)


You’ll always accept me regardless because you know that when it comes down to it, you fit the meaning of “MY RIDE OR DIE Chick“.


And so you’ll probably read this in the office and start gushing and whatever,,,nope,,,I’ll not say this to your face just so you know. And I shall act as I always do,,,with the mindset that emotions are “icky” and should never be shown. However, gifts are accepted,,,jewellery, shoes. Thanks. 😉


I’ll say this quietly and so softly you might never hear it because I hope you already know. I’ll say it in the way I worry for you when you haven’t been in contact for a while. I’ll say it at night when I whisper your blessings into the darkness that swallows up my words. I’ll say nothing at all because there’s nothing left when you try to articulate something more than gratitude.


Just know that I shall forever love you, and I approve of all that makes you happy because infinitely it makes me happy as well in a round about way.


I used to despise being called your little sister but now that I’ve discovered the real gem that it is growing up with a treasure such as yourself, the name can stay.



With love,

Your little-not-so-little sister,

Your annoying younger sister that all your friends insist is ever the sweetheart,

That little girl who considers you her mentor/role model/I wanna be like you when I grow up,



*Disclaimer: It was one of those sentimental mornings and I simply felt like I needed to acknowledge such a pillar of positivity and awesomeness. Blame it on the oestrogen.



Sister Sister soundtrack


The Cheetah Girls –Sisters

Our spots are different
Different colors
We make each other stronger
That ain’t ever gonna change



*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

I Woke Up To This

I woke up to this comment someone left regarding the previous blog-post: Provoke Your Thoughts :

“My answer for No. 20 Is a definite YES. I look at the people living in Africa and my heart goes out to them…such little civilization and struggling to live each day, not knowing where they’ll get water or food. This really made me re-evaluate my life.


I’m shaking my head in disappointment right now. I suppose this beautiful reader is new to these talks about Africa. Have they been to the continent? Naaah,,,just the same way I’ve never been to their country of origin but I don’t assume things. 🙂


I won’t leave your comments there, on the post, because I know there are people who go onto the internet solely to look-up “misinformed” comments and get into arguments in-front of their laptop/PC/iPad screens. Say NO to cyber bullying.



Just get your facts right.

It’s never fun to look ignorant on the internet.

Little civilization? I’m sorry,,,you read this blog off the internet…it’s mind boggling how it got there if i live in a place of little civilization. 🙂

I won’t correct you because there’s probably a multitude of guys just like you out there with the same thoughts and stands and it really wouldn’t make a difference.

Happy that you re-evaluated your life,,,that’s always a plus. 🙂

Hakuna Matata yo. 🙂


Kofi Annan once said that:

“Knowledge is power, Information is liberating, Education is the premise of progress, in every society and in every family. “


Because music is what keeps us moving. 🙂

Clean Bandit- Rather Be.


and then there’s a cool cover done by some cool kid I may or may not know: acoustic, amazing voices, hello….#SeeYourLife

John Kyalo – Rather Be Cover

With that,




essere felici – be happy.

love, fried chicken, cheese(melted and stringy), red velvet cake, cookies and cream, orange juice, hakuna matata,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂

You think you have problems? Well, Think Again

Holla my people. (Don’t holla back though,,,,because I ain’t no HollaBack Girrrrrl…)

I’m sorry,,,my puns seem to get worse yet more hilarious the closer we get to the end of the year.

Hope you guys are awesome. Because I am.

I got back to school for the second semester…it’s been two weeks yet the workload makes me think that I was being represented during my temporary hiatus a.k.a what people have termed to be the three-week holiday( which it was not.). But other than that, i’m alright. Taking everything, one day at a time. 🙂

I’m an Internet lover but contrary to “public” opinion, i’m not always surfing the web. :p I discovered a post about a weird festival that’s apparently about to take place in “India”.

Check out this link to the blog where i read it from:


They’ve christened it “The Assam Rape Festival“.


It apparently is a time where all the senseless men have the freedom to rape girls aged between 7-16 years on the pretense that if they don’t rape the girls at this age, when they get married to them, they’ll cheat on their husbands. So they do it early enough as a good luck charm of sorts to prevent bad spirits and blah blah blah. To be honest, I read about it and all I could think about was how much I wished I could go back in time and slap the initial participants and possibly castrate them.

The comments that some of the participants made:

~ This year, i’m going to break the record for the most rapes.

~I’m going to be crowned winner this year. I’ve been practising by raping my SISTER and HER FRIENDS.

And a police official goes on to state that “If you cannot prevent rape, you may as well enjoy it.”

I really do think that this world is going to the dogs(i’m sorry dogs, it’s a figure of speech in the human world). How can a community sit down and invent this ‘celebration’, partake in it, support it,,,and whatever the hell else it is they do about it????


and then to find out that this was all a prank?? I don’t know whether the person that thought this shit up needs to be hit in the head really hard or something. Such are the jokes that lead you to your grave.

To be honest, i fell for this lie…hook line and sinker. and then i did abiit of research thanks to a certain enlightening reply. Some jokes just make others question your sanity.

To be honest, you sat down and pictured all this stuff,,,defaming an entire country or is this considered a form of lible? (my knowledge of business law escapes me). You are a sick human being to think up such weird fantasies.


It’s the 21st century yeah? Here we are reading about this Kenyan girl’s ordeal with a gang of rapists that left her terminally injured(because they threw her down a shit hole…literally, a fucking pit latrine) with fistula( if you don’t know what this is, Google or check your dictionary). And after all this, the courts ruled that the rapists’ punishment present would be to slash grass in a field…after which,,,LIFE GOES ON.

Sometimes I think I have it rough in life,,,and then I see such nonsense and thank my maker that my problems aren’t that serious. Because they could be much worse.

I don’t even have a song of the post this time round because this shit is a bit too serious…

ok,,maybe:  Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop(that thing)

and Morgan Heritage – Nothing to smile about.

Chapati, Orange Juice, Tiramisu and Red Velvet Cakes,

All My Love,


*Mapenzi.Love* 🙂